115v AC between Neutral & Earth on boat. I was going to add this to a existing post, but decided better here. I have installed a Phoenix 12/375 on a boat. DC in is polarity correct and 12.8v as measured with DMM. DC ground is a earth wiring which goes to the engine, also connected to the engine is the bonding wires and negative DC. Registered. Joined Jul 28, 2015. 71 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · May 30, 2017. What have people successfully powered up with their 115-volt plug on RES/Touring/Elite models? Everytime I get excited about using it to power something, the power isn't enough for the device. I understand it should work for video game systems and powering. Hydraforce 6366115 Solenoid Valve Coil, Wire Leads, 115v AC, 10 Series. Out of stock. SKU: 6366115 Categories: 115v AC, 115v AC: 10 Series, Solenoid Coils Tags: 10 Series ... DIN 43650 Type A 3 Prong Solenoid Connector Plug w/ LED Light, Compatible w/ 12V & 24V. MSRP: $ 12.95 $ 7.50-Solenoid Coils Deltrol 10162-76 Solenoid Coil, Wire Leads, 12v. Grounded Universal Schuko Plug Adapter Type E/F For Germany, France, Europe, Russia High Quality CE Certified. Price: $2.49. ... Simran AC-3000W 3000 W Watt Step Up Down Voltage Converter Transformer with Four Outlets. Price: $179.99. Quick View. Featured! Seven Star SF-500 500 W Watt Automatic AC Voltage Converter with Safety Braker 110V 220V.

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